First place winner Georgij Dorofeev. Courtesy of EyeEm

Clean lines of buildings across the globe have been papped for a photography competition celebrating minimalist architecture.

The Minimalist Architecture Mission, organised by blog We And The Color and photography resource EyeEm, received 45,000 submissions from photographers around the world.

Second place winner Trynidada’s shot of the Maxxi. Courtesy of EyeEm

Images range from architectural celebs, such as Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI in Rome, to details of more anonymous buildings, often featuring sharp angles, and contrasting patterns and colours.

We And The Color selected a shortlist of 20 winners, with German photographer Matthias Heiderich – who’s no stranger to snapping buildings himself – picking the top three. Georgij Dorofeev’s snap of a grid-patterned façade, set against a bright blue sky, scooped first place.

Trynidada’s photograph of the MAXXI, reflecting its neighbouring buildings, came second. Meanwhile Urban Poetry’s image of a sinuous steel bridge under a single puff of cloud, took third.

‘What I love about this kind of photography is that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether I’m looking at a photograph or a computer-generated image,” says Heiderich. ‘But the subtleties make the difference.’

[Via Archdaily]

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