About us

The Spaces is a digital publication from VF Publishing exploring new ways to live and work. From residential buildings to public domains, co-working clubs to hotels and retail hot spots, we will look at the spaces that are pushing boundaries and meet the people who are changing how we live. Exploring the rich urban fabric of cities across the world, we want to inform and spark new conversations about design and property while inspiring people to look at their environments differently.

The online magazine was launched in 2015 by founding editor Malaika Byng and current editor-in-chief Betty Wood. We have also published two books, with future titles to come.

The Team

Editor-in-chief: Betty Wood
Contributing editors: Tish Wrigley; Emma Tucker; Claire Carponen
Visual content editorRosella Degori
Social media editor: Kylie McDowell

About VF Publishing

VF Publishing is a subsidiary of The Vinyl Factory, an independent British art and music enterprise established in 2001. It launched its first publication FACT Magazine in 2003, now one of the world’s most influential music publications, with a readership in excess of 8 million page views per month. VF Publishing is now expanding into other verticals.

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