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A pastel portrait of Hong Kong’s architecture

In her series Hong Kong Puzzles, photographer Justyna Zduńczyk captures flashes of colour among the city’s high rises.

Honing in on bolts of brightness created by basketball courts and panelling that wraps around the outside of buildings, Zduńczyk’s images reframe the city’s architecture.

‘Hong Kong is my favourite Asian city, and I visit it whenever I have a chance,’ says Zduńczyk. ‘With every visit, I discover a new face of the city.’

Photography: Justyna Zduńczyk

The Wroclaw-based photographer spent several days wandering its streets to find and capture striking shades and shapes, especially moments where the concrete is broken up by pink, blue or yellow details.

‘The whole series is based on these special pastel and soft colours,’ she says.

Other images focus on the geometric shapes and contrasts created as the city’s skyscrapers jostle for position.

Photography: Justyna Zduńczyk

Zduńczyk became especially fascinated by the scale of Hong Kong’s tower blocks, which house thousands of people, and she uses street level perspective to draw attention to their size. The buildings’ towering presence is further emphasised by the miniscule clothes that dot the balconies, and the juxtaposition of nearby playgrounds, benches and palm trees.

‘I wanted to present the exteriors of these buildings in opposition to their interiors,’ adds Zduńczyk. ‘The goal was to highlight the light and delicate features. I really wanted to find new angles and perspectives through my lens.’

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