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Alex Chinneck ‘unzips’ an abandoned building

British artist Alex Chinneck has ‘unzipped’ a derelict office block in the UK’s Kent, turning it into a surreal installation that distorts reality.

‘Open to the public’ appeared overnight at Brundrett House in Ashfield, with Chinneck working under the cloak of darkness on the colossal installation. He has installed a giant zipper down the facade of the 1960s structure – slated for demolition – which appears to prise the building apart.

Photography: Marc Wilmot

The zipper creates the illusion of a giant shirt, with crumpled windows acting as a collar. A second zipper skirts the roofline of the flat-roofed building, peeling away the windows along the side of the office block facing the road.

Said Chinneck: ‘I design playful public artworks for everyone to experience and enjoy, turning the everyday into the extraordinary.’

Photography: Marc Wilmot

‘Open to the public’ will be in situ until the building is razed (date TBD) – so catch it while you can.

It follows Chinneck’s previous installation of an upside down Pylon in Greenwich in 2015, and his 2013 artwork ‘From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes’ where the façade of a townhouse appeared to ‘slip’ to the ground.

‘Open to the public’ at Brundrett House, Tannery Lane, Ashfield, TN23 1PN

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