Airbnb’s latest London listing has a bit of a twist… it’s bobbing along the River Thames.

The two-bedroom home – built by identical twin architects Nick and Steve Tidball – comes with a garden and a dog kennel.

Airbnb Floating House on the ThamesIt took production company Star Events more than four months to build the 70-tonne structure. Noah himself would be envious of the geometric rugs, downy duvets and brimming bookshelves that fill this floating ark.

Pulled along the Thames by a tugboat, the house is Airbnb’s latest PR stunt, celebrating new rules that mean Londoners can rent out their homes for up to 90 days a year without legal rebuke.

‘The “Floating House” is the ultimate celebration of home sharing,’ says James McClure, Airbnb’s UK country manager. ‘With these new, clear rules on home sharing we expect more and more Londoners to open their homes to visitors from across the globe.’

Airbnb Floating House on the Thames

Airbnb are welcoming guests on board the boat this Friday. Four friends will have the chance to spend the night there, enjoy spa treatments and indulge in a private dining experience prepared by Michelin-starred chef Robert Ortiz.

Hopefully there won’t be a storm…



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