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Footballer George Best’s modernist gem

George Best house
Source: Mail Online

Who would’ve thought football’s original playboy was so architecturally inclined? Back in 1969, the late George Best commissioned architect Frazer Cane to build him a modernist abode in Stockport. The Mail Online has more on Best’s old home.

Banksy speaks out on Dismaland

Upon the opening of his Dismaland show, Banksy has given a rare interview in the Guardian. Discussing his sinister twist on amusement parks, he quipped: ‘Essentially this is a theme park that Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen would endorse. The advantage of putting art in a small seaside town is you’re only competing with donkeys.’

Ceramics are the perfect remedy for this former pharmacy

Kühn Keramik
Photography: Ana Santl
Source: iGNANT

In a Berlin pharmacy, the vintage cabinets that once stored medicine now showcase the delicate, ceramic concoctions of Bernhard Kühn. The ceramicist relocated his Kühn Keramik store into the space in 2009, making full use of the pharmacy’s original features. iGNANT has more.

Painter’s concrete studio submerged in Chilean cliff top

Felipe Assadi painter's studio
Photography: Fernando Alda
Source: designboom

Given the serene ocean views on offer here, the artist working in this newly built concrete studio has no excuses for a lack of inspiration. Architect Felipe Assadi embedded the painter’s space in a hill in the Chilean coastal city of Los Vilos. Head to designboom for more.

The other face of amusement parks

Stefano Cerio Chinese Fun
Photography: Stefano Cerio
Source: Fubiz

Don’t mention it to Banksy, but theme parks can be fun, bustling places when they’re open. Off-season, though, they become lifeless white elephants – as photographer Stefano Cerio shows here on Fubiz.



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