Getting high on ‘alcoholic architecture’

Alcoholic Architecture installation by Bompas & Parr

You can inhale gin and tonic through your eyeballs at Bompas & Parr’s Alcoholic Architecture installation in London. The food artists have filled the belly of a Gothic monastery with a breathable cocktail, inviting locals to come in for a gasp. The Telegraph’s Martha de Lacy gave it a go.

Buildings with a mind of their own

Chinese wonky buildings
Image: Getty

Buildings are falling over in 50 Chinese cities due to subsidence. Three buildings in a block in Guangxi province adopted a perilously jaunty pose this week, and it’s a fashion that’s spreading fast. City Metric has more.

Placebo lights up the Arena di Verona

Music venues don’t come finer than Italy’s Arena di Verona, an almost 2,000-year-old marble edifice in the foothills of the Alps. Some 30,000 spectators used to flock here to watch gladiators fight to the death. Today the entertainment is a little more savoury, with British rockers Placebo recently taking to the floor. Nowness presented an ode this colourful space and performance.

Sonic spaces in New York

DELQA installation at New Inc
Source: Core77

‘Don’t touch’ signs might pepper most exhibitions across the world but a new show at New Museum’s New INC space actively encourages you to poke, prod and push the installation. As you interact with the suspended mesh walls of DELQA, a light and sound work by Brooklyn design studio The Principals, you manipulate a musical composition. Featuring music by Matthew Dear and Kinect technology from Microsoft, the installation is open for 4 days only (until Sunday), so catch it while you can. Core77 has more.

Playing noughts and crosses in Scotland

Midden Studio by Studio Weave
Photography: Johnny Barrington

‘Midden Studio is the lovechild of native granite and the local buildings,’ explained Studio Weave, describing this gabled art studio they designed in Scotland. The building’s zinc facade is embossed with a noughts and crosses pattern inspired by churches in Italy and a ruined castle in Scotland. Perched above a river, it is ‘half a fancy creature with mouldings and gables, half hard, freckled and elemental’. Get to know it better via Dezeen.



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