The Secret Spaces photography competition winner
The winning photograph by @fabmarch

A haunting image of an Escher-like staircase has won our photography competition The Secret Spaces, launched in collaboration with EyeEm.

This winning scene – shot by EyeEm-user @fabmarch in an empty industrial building – was picked out by our judge, architectural photographer Fred Guillaud. He chose the image from over 48,000 submissions for its ‘strong and clean’ composition.

‘There’s an interesting contrast between the minimal geometry and the rich textures, which are enveloped in a beautiful, soft light,’ says Guillaud. ‘The Escher-esque staircase projects you out of the picture, creating an escape for your imagination.’

Second place goes to @JessicaPapini for her moody and abstract image of a figure in a dark interior. ‘It’s a captivating composition, using back-lighting to focus on the hands holding the flowers,’ explains Guillaud. ‘The over-exposed window is no longer a visual escape but a frame for the delicate action.’

The Secret Spaces photography competition - 2nd place
Second place goes to this photograph by @JessicaPapini

@LinaBalciunaite wins third place for her photograph shot inside a Baroque building. ‘The perspective is what makes this image compelling. The sequence of rooms leading to the closet is almost narrative perfection. No one could resist opening the door! Even small composition imperfections, such as the twisted verticals, echo the inclination of the door.’

The Secret Spaces photography competition - 3rd place
Third place goes to this interior photograph by @LinaBalciunaite

Ten thousand of you submitted photographs to our #TheSecretSpaces hashtag on EyeEm, leading us on a virtual journey to hidden corners of cities across the world.

From your images, Guillaud has also selected four runners-up, including a crumbling attic scene from @IvanaTesic recalling Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space; an evocative cave image from @makutanalumilutenalu; an abandoned pool photograph by @StacjaPoznan and a derelict office scene from @darom77 that feels laden with history.

Missed the deadline but got a secret space to submit? Use our hashtag #TheSecretSpaces and we’ll continue to repost the best



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