Chios Social Lounge
The Chios Social Lounge. Photography: Lavinia Cernău

Think of Transylvania, and images of Dracula and Gothic architecture spring to mind. But there’s more to the Romanian region than Medieval history and vampire fangs. Its unofficial capital Cluj-Napoca is dotted with architectural landmarks that stretch from the Saxon period to the present, and the city also has a flourishing culinary and coffee house scene.

It’s these quieter corners of Cluj-Napoca that have become the stomping ground of lifestyle photographer and instagramer Lavinia Cernău.

‘Most cafés are hosted inside historical buildings, which gives them a particular charm as all architectural details are carefully preserved – with a contemporary twist,’ she says. ‘While some are newly established, there are a few that stand as landmarks of the city, like the lake-side Chios Social Lounge.’

Here she takes us on a tour of her favourite haunts.

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