As the 2015 Venice Biennale swings into action across the city, we bring you a sneak preview through the eyes of the early birds.

Swiss pavilion

Pamela Rosenkranz’s water sculpture at the Swiss pavilion is a bit cluttered, isn’t it?

The Swiss Pavilion #LaBiennale2015 #Venice

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Nordic pavilion

Oslo-based artist Camille Norment’s installation is inspired by states of dissonance—sonic, cultural and individual.

Rapture #camillenorment #nordicpavilion #oca #norwayinvenice

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British pavilion

Sarah Lucas presents a cheeky and provocative set of works in her ‘I Scream Daddio’ show.

#sarahlucas #britishpavillion #venicebiennial

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German pavilion

Filmmaker and visual artist Hito Steyerl brings a Tron-esque, futuristic touch to the 56th edition of the Biennale.

Hungarian pavilion

Balls roll through tubes in this site-specific, interactive project, titled ‘Sustainable Identities’, by artist Szilárd Cseke.

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