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This week you’ve taken us inside an ancient cathedral in the historic town of Orvieto, Italy, and explored the colourful residential buildings of Tirana, Albania.

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Okayama University Pavilion, Okayama, Japan

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Okayama University Pavilion – SANAA

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The Maker Hotel, Hudson, USA

Duomo di Orvieto, Orvieto, Italy

Tirana building, Albania

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“There is this feeling that artists have — photographers, more than other people, and writers — that they are acting like a succubus. This process of taking from something that’s alive and using it for one’s own purposes. Making a little life for oneself by scavenging other people’s lives.” — Here, in her 1993 interview with the Paris Review, I’ve been thinking about what Toni Morrison said — the power of the artist’s gaze; its capacity to rob a moment of its right to anonymity. • Anonymity, as it happens, is in my childhood, my family, my heritage. I come from a culture of conformity — of noxious hypocrisy and soy sauce at turntable banquet dinners — where invariably you begin to find comfort in feeling small, where the habitually unspoken becomes your power. • I have found that power in photography — a craft that, paradoxically, demands its practitioners to simultaneously dissolve into background noise and decisively self-insert. To preserve the integrity of a photo, an attempt must be made to blend into the tapestry — an endeavour that, while noble, is rarely seamless. (Also, as someone unversed in the world of textiles, I’m not sure if I’m mixing my metaphors here.) • Inherent in Morrison’s statement is the whole tension of photography — where in a single unveiling of the lens or click of the shutter, the invisibility cloak slips — surrendering photographers to the judgment they impose on their subjects. It’s this precarious balance that keeps me anxious, elated — programmed into my old ways of retreat, yet given a chance to reject it with every click of the shutter. • Curiously, through this craft, I’ve reappropriated my relationship to blending in. It emboldens me to push the envelope of anonymity — to dive deeper into the interior lives of others, and to do away with this universal fear of rejection that dissipates as strangers become indistinguishable from friends. Because invisibility deserves to be outgrown. Because we all deserve to be seen. ___________ #peachpunktravels #thespacesilike #gominimalmag #mytinyatlas #momentslikethese #passionpassport #tirana

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Milu by Nook restaurant, Bali, Indonesia

Monastery of Pedralbes, Barcelona, Spain

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Pedralbes, Barcelona

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The Rookery, London, UK

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