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This week you’ve explored the geometric buildings of Namibia and wandered through the spaces of Milan’s Fondazione Prada.

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Buildings in Swakopmund, Namibia

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Swakopmund, Namibia. ?✨ —— Quadbiking in the dunes, postcards penned, the lingering notes of a Goan shrimp curry (heaven, promptly sopped up with garlic naan). A balmy afternoon stroll through the shapeshifting amalgamation of idyllic houses rotating between modernist and German colonial, none of it a sensible accompaniment to the desert stretching just beyond. The sun begins its descent — and with it, a dusty afterglow pouring into mostly vacant streets, beautiful in that loving yet half-abandoned way. • Later — cab sauvignon at the wine bar, illuminated by patio lights of a club lipstick red. The soundtrack reflects, comfortingly, a subdued weeknight: hum of electricity and some distant thoroughfare, delicate thud of a charcuterie knife, the unfaltering Atlantic tide if you listened closely enough. • I and three others lean back into our chairs, dabbling in conversations so utterly inconsequential and perfect. Still far more remarkable was how distant I felt, edge of the Namib dunes on a tiny speck of the Skeleton Coast, never mind the world (though we didn’t pay it much mind at all) — and in all the smallness of it there was something undeniably pleasurable about that insignificance, the tide of anonymity. In the end it didn’t really matter where — some other continent, a country people didn’t know of or much about, a town seeming perpetually on the cusp of being reclaimed by the desert. So, after all, were we. . . . #peachpunktravels #swakopmund #vscox #finditliveit #gominimalmag #thespacesilike #architizer #theprettycities #noicemag #lekkerzine #oftheafternoon #mytinyatlas

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Fondazione Prada, Milan, Italy

Krematorium Berlin, Germany

Cascina Cuccagna, Milan, Italy

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This ceiling… #locationscouting

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100 Queen’s Gate Hote, London, UK

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