In the UK, 63% of people browse property websites even when they have no intention of buying. But ‘window shopping for homes’ isn’t something unique to the Brits – and the Swedes are taking it one step further.

Nooks is a new Stockholm-based website where people can list their houses for sale – even if they are not currently on the market.

‘We believe that with the right timing, the right bid and the right buyer can get the business,’ says the website. ‘Think of it as a LinkedIn home.’

Sibyllegatan-52B living room.
Courtesy of Nooks

Users are able to browse these ‘possibly for sale’ homes, register their interest and even make a cheeky offer to tempt homeowners into selling.

But whether that purchase is today, next month or even next year is at the discretion of the seller.

‘Since our concept is “maybe for sale” you never sell until you feel completely satisfied with what you have been paid, and our brokers will be happy to advise on market value,’ it says.

Nooks has its own team of in-house brokers and buyers will pay a 1% premium to cover these costs.

Sibyllegatan 52b Breakfast nook
Courtesy of Nooks

So far the service has been live for about a month and is only available in the Stockholm area. But if it’s a hit, the model could be rolled out across the rest of the country soon.

[Via Residence Magazine]



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