Guerilla video filmed inside the Met

Filming is strictly forbidden inside New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, but that didn’t deter artist Fin (aka Rebecca Fin Simonetti).

She took a clandestine approach for Daughters, shot discreetly via cell phone. It features a site-specific performance in collaboration with FlucT (Monica Mirabile & Sigrid Lauren), and Eartheater (Alexandra Drewchin), woven together with found footage and advertisements.

‘As a location, [The Met is] rich territory,’ Fin told Dazed. ‘It is filled with sculptures and images that are saturated with meaning and power.’

Daughters music video inside The Met
A still from Daughters

The performers play with their surroundings, using their femininity to shake up this patriarchal institution. Towards the end, the film makes a nod to the Koch family – major underwriters for the Met – hinting at the power structures that affect our culture and society, past and present.

Museum-goers play cameos in the video, including a young girl who poses for a picture with the performers.

Daughters music video, shot inside The Met
A still from Daughters

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