Via 5 Million Star Hotel / Buubble

At Iceland’s 5 Million Star Hotel, you can gaze at the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your bed.

The futuristic retreat comprises five transparent ‘bubbles’ – dubbed Una, Asta, Thorunn, Valdis and Maria – dotted across a wild stretch of woodland, located a 90-minute drive from Reykjavík.

Each dome can comfortably sleep two people, with prices ranging from ISK 28,900 to 29,900 per night. According to the website, the bubbles are kept inflated by a ‘noiseless ventilation system’ which also keeps them warm all winter.

Amenities for the low-key lodgings are housed in a communal kitchen and shower house and guests are expected to provide their own food.


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The 5 Million Star Hotel is close to Reykholt in Blaskogabyggd, but its exact location isn’t revealed until after after you’ve booked, adding an air of mystery to the adventure…

Views of the Aurora Borealis aren’t guaranteed, but you’ll enjoy spectacular scenery regardless, and during the summer months the pods are prime spots for birdwatching and enjoying Iceland’s wildlife.

Plans are also afoot to roll the bubble hotel concept out in a second location too: ‘We have found a new location for more bubbles and the first phase might be 6 UFO bubbles (floating-in-air) and 5 full see through bubbles,’ teases the website. Work is expected to commence on this dome hotel community at the beginning of November.

Iceland's 5 Million Star Hotel / Buubble
Via 5 Million Star Hotel / Buubble

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