Hardcore Architecture

We love a niche tumblr, especially when it involves architecture and music. Hardcore Architecture, our latest find, entwines the two, capturing the HQs of 1980s American hardcore bands.

As the website explains, ‘Hardcore Architecture explores the relationship between the architecture of living spaces and the history of underground American hardcore bands in the 1980s.’

Hardcore Architecture home

Marc Fischer and his Public Collectors group, who run the blog, have been rummaging through old issues of Maximum Rocknroll magazine to find bands’ mailing addresses. They’ve used Google Street View to see what their HQs (i.e. their mums’ houses) now look like.

It turns out some of these hardcore trailblazers lived in surprisingly attractive homes, contrary to the genre’s anti-establishment principle.

Check out the tumblr to see more of these ‘hardcore’ homes.

[via FACT]



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