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Brazil’s ‘sexy’ 1970s motel interiors

Photography: Jur Oster and Vera van de Sandt

Brazil’s so-called ‘love motels’ provide guests with a hideaway for their steamy trysts – and the chance to indulge in the interiors of yesteryear. Jur Oster and Vera van de Sandt’s series ‘Love Land Stop Time’ captures rooms with mirrored ceilings, floral chintz and mustard curtains in all their glory… See Hyperallergic for more.

Poland’s National Gallery gets a Pollock-style makeover

Photography: Sebastian Madejski

The Poland National Gallery has stepped up its interiors, with an uplifting staircase makeover courtesy of Leon Tarasewicz. The artist hasn’t been shy with the paint brush, liberally covering the stairway in messy splatters of colour that Pollock himself would have been proud of. Colossal has the full story.

A view from above

Photography: Katrin Korfmann

Artist Katrin Korfmann has taken a bird’s eye view of crowds for his photo series hovering over the busy sidewalks of the city. They might look photoshopped, but the apparently two-dimensional images are really just a trick of perspective.  Ignant has the scoop.

Literary living across the States


Ever wanted to visit the real-life Kansas farmhouse of Dorothy? Or maybe the town of Avonlea, where Anne of Green Gables grew up? Atlas Obscura has mapped out the geographical locations – from Maine to New Mexico – that have inspired some of literature’s best loved classics.

Bolivian palaces of the peculiar

Photography: Peter Granser

Wallpaper* peek at the madcap offerings of self-taught architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre in Bolivia’s El Alto. His so-called ‘radical art deco meets Las Vegas style’ has so far been applied to 60 projects in the high-altitude city, whose striking forms and bold colours contrast with the surrounding monochrome cityscape.

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