Credit: Mark Reigelman II

‘Weed Day’ may have been last week but New Yorkers have been coming across a different kind of smoke wafting through their streets.

Artist Mark Reigelman II has been placing a small wooden hut over the city’s steaming manholes for the last few months in a mobile installation aptly called ‘Smökers’ – captured in a new video.

The cabin takes over spots where plastic orange and white tubes – used to channel the billowing smoke – are usually found.

For the intervention, Reigelman drew inspiration from common German objects called Räuchermann, colloquially known as ‘smokers’, which are incense burners in the shape of cabins, animals or chimney sweeps.

Comparing these ‘smokers’ to the plastic orange and white tubes, the artist says: ‘Both objects have identical functionality and usage – to channel and release smoke, compounding the nuance of the work.’

[via designboom]



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