A ribbon of art installations, pavilions and performances will weave its way across south London for the nocturnal art show, Art Night, on 7 July. Over 50 artworks will await discovery everywhere from a Waterloo farm to Battersea Park.

Here we bring you seven spectacles not to miss. Catch them from dusk till dawn – or 6pm to 6am, to be precise.

Caravan installation at Art Night
‘I poveri sono matti’ by Lara Favaretto. Via Art Night 2018

Title: I poveri sono matti (The poor are mad)
Artist: Lara Favaretto
Type: site-specific installation
 Nine Elms Lane, SW8
Italian artist Lara Favaretto will suspend a colourful caravan 30m in the air using a crane. Inspired by her experiences of meeting different local castes in Rajasthan, and the nomadic Italian family who originally owned the caravan, the piece is conceived as a haunting apparition in the sky referencing their creativity, with a soulful recording of a popular polka song ‘Rosamunde’ as its soundtrack.

Interaural Contour I by Marianne Jõgi and Ülo Krigul.Via Art Night 2018

Title: Interaural Contour I
Artists: Marianne Jõgi and Ülo Krigul
Type: site-specific installation
Where: Battersea Park, SW11
You can take time out at ‘Interaural Contour I’ – an architectural structure built using neuroscientific research to promote relaxation, well-being, and support learning. Conceived by Marianne Jõgi to offer a ‘sensorial experience’, it will be accompanied by composer Ülo Krigul’s meditative sound work ‘Water Itself’. Pre-registration required.

Oasis Farm Waterloo, courtesy of Feilden Fowles
Oasis Farm Waterloo, courtesy of Feilden Fowles

Title: Pervilion
Artists: Clementine Keith-Roach, Sasha Pirogova, James Knight & Michael Knight
Type: performance / installation
Where: Oasis Farm Waterloo, SE11
Things take a sensual twist down at London’s Oasis Farm Waterloo. Curated by Dorothy Feaver, and presented by The Store X The Vinyl Factory, Pervilion takes over a lofty timber-framed barn at the edge of the city farm in Waterloo. Clementine Keith-Roach has crafted a site-specific piece exploring the sexual life of animals on the farm, while live sets from James Knight and Michael Knight will recall Vauxhall’s past as a destination for transgressive behaviour.

Still from ‘Dwelling, 2014’ by Yuan Goang-Ming. Via Art Night 2018

Title: Dwelling, 2014
Yuan Goang-Ming
Type: video installation
Where: Hayward Gallery, SE1
Taiwanese artist Yuan Goang-Ming’s video installation transports viewers to a comfortable bourgeois living room – with a dystopian spin. Suddenly everything starts to shudder, suggesting the instability lurking beneath everyday life. Yuan filmed the work underwater which, although not immediately apparent to the viewer, gives the scene a surreal quality.

Photography: Robert Castagna, courtesy of Studio Bosco Sodi
Pictured: Bosco Sodi. Photography: Robert Castagna, courtesy of Studio Bosco Sodi

Title: Muro, 2018
Bosco Sodi
Type: sculpture / installation
National Theatre, SE1
We wonder where Mexican artist Bosco Sodi got the idea to build a wall? Using 1600 clay bricks made by Mexican craftsmen and signed by Sodi, the artist will erect a wall along the riverside square of the National Theatre as a performance piece. Visitors will be invited to dismantle it and take a brick home. ‘It’s about breaking down walls physically and mentally,’ says the artist.

Courtesy of Subsidiary Projects

Title: The Floor is Lava
Artists: Helena de Pulford, Jack Evans and Oona Wilkinson
Where: Subsidiary Projects, 28a Bonnington Square, SW8
Vauxhall’s Bonnington Square became famous in the 1980s when its vacant houses were squatted by a community of activists while awaiting demolition. Group exhibition The Floor is Lava interrogates the homes and habits of the square’s current residents, while a site-specific sculpture by artists Helena de Pulford, Jack Evans and Oona Wilkinson will explore the boundary between public and private.

'We will meet in the place where there is no darkness', by Sebastian Kite. Via Art Night 2018
‘We will meet in the place where there is no darkness’, by Sebastian Kite. Via Art Night 2018

Artist: Sebastian Kite
Title: We will meet in the place where there is no darkness
Type: art installation
Where: Bargehouse, Oxo Tower, SE1
Artist Sebastian Kite has built an Orwellian ‘interrogation room’ inside the Oxo Tower’s Bargehouse for his installation, We will meet in the place where there is no darkness. Constructed with half-tone panels and fitted with a two-way mirror, the pavilion explores ideas of voyeurism, time and materiality.

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