Courtesy of Lego / Airbnb

Airbnb is offering a free night’s stay in the new Lego House in Billund, Denmark – where everything from furniture to family photos is made from bricks.

Some 25 million pieces of Lego were used to build the house, which is part of a new interactive museum constructed in the toy brand’s home town. The building features a stepped exterior, topped with rooftop terraces in primary colours.

Lego House, available on Airbnb
Courtesy of Lego / Airbnb

Inside, visitors can expect blocky armchairs, rugs, and even pets made from Lego’s trademark bricks. There’s also a 6-metre high waterfall in the children’s room, ensuring sleep will be kept to a minimum.

As part of a competition with Airbnb, families can win an overnight stay in the house by describing the one thing they’d build together with an infinite supply of Lego. Once there, guests’ abilities with the brick will be further put to the test, when they’re tasked with building their dream meal – although a kitchen is on standby to turn it into real food.

Master builder Jamie Berard will also be on hand to help bring the family’s winning entry to life, before guests are left with the house – and its ‘unlimited’ supply of bricks – all to themselves.

Rest assured, although beds are built using Lego bricks, the mattresses aren’t, and guests can wake up with the promise of ‘BRICKfast’ to look forward to.

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