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Vo Trong Nghia creates a secret garden hotel in Vietnam’s Hoi An

Plants cascade down the sides of a new Vietnam hotel designed by architect Vo Trong Nghia, hiding guests from view.

Named Atlas Hoi An, after the historic town in which it sits, the 48-bedroom hotel is blanketed in greenery thanks to concrete planters inserted in the building’s sandstone walls.

Vo Trong Nghia Atlas Hoi An hotel with living walls
Photography: Oki Hiroyuki

As well as injecting a burst of colour to the site, the draping foliage helps shade the open corridors that connect the hotel’s four main volumes, which are raised on concrete pillars. Meanwhile, the building’s perforated brick facade filters dappled sunlight into its open spaces and keeps them cool.

Hoi An was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 and the port town is known for its secluded courtyards. Atlas Hoi An riffs on this heritage with the hotel’s spa, gym and restaurant all leading onto its own private courtyard swimming pool.

The green theme continues inside the hotel where the restaurant has a timber slatted ceiling strung with hanging plants, and bedrooms are surrounded by foliage that creates privacy screens.

Vietnam hotel designed by architect Vo Trong Nghia
Photography: Oki Hiroyuki

It’s not the first hotel Vo Trong Nghia has drenched in greenery… He previously covered the Babylon Hotel in climbing plants, and is making a name for himself by pioneering the use of sustainable materials in his projects, especially bamboo and thatch.

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