Hoping to get away from it all this winter? How about heading to a galaxy far, far away…

To celebrate the arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in cinemas later this month, US digital agency Viget has created a parody of Airbnb’s website using locations from the original trilogy.

Users can browse through rooms and apartments for rent, including Jabba the Hutt’s party resort and Wicket the Ewok’s treetop hut.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 16.36.42

Speaking to Mashable, Starbnb’s project leader Mitch Daniels says: ‘The project is intended first and foremost as a fun diversion.’ However, the studio has since opened the project up to outside contributors who can leave ratings and reviews on each location.

But, as with the real life rental sites, not all the properties turn out to be as good as they seem…

A ‘natural ice cave’ in Hoth says its ‘host will likely be in and out throughout your stay, but would love to have you for dinner’. But the cave belongs to a wampa, one of the planet’s top predators, so you will likely be the dish of the day.

Starbnb screenshot

Starbnb was created as part of the agency’s annual Pointless Weekend, where – you guessed it – Viget’s employees produce projects ‘just for fun’.

But the studio isn’t the only one getting excited about the franchise’s latest release. In Earth-bound Salford, organisers of ‘For The Love of The Force’ convention have recreated the Mos Eisley Cantina where patrons can down a glass of blue milk, or take a walk around a two-storey Ewok village.

Now that’s truly out of this world.



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