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Property of the week: a painter’s house in South London

It may look modest from the outside, but step through the doors of this south London property and you’ll be surprised by the cavernous space that awaits.

Architect Dingle Price collaborated with the property’s artist owner to turn the former Victorian laundry into a family home space back in 2012.

The 1,615 sq ft Battersea building is split between work and play. One half is a bright, double-height studio space with a steel trussed roof and oversized skylights, while the other holds two bedrooms, a bathroom and an open kitchen and living room – spread across two floors.

Bedrooms, featuring stable door-style windows, are tucked into the upper level, peeking out over the studio space below.

House for a Painter, The Modern House
Courtesy of The Modern House

The building’s walls, ceilings and woodwork are painted in sparkling white – as befits a former laundry.

‘It’s quite an internalised world,’ Price told Dezeen. ‘When you’re in there you don’t really look out. It’s a kind of internal landscape where, instead of looking at a landscape, you’re looking across a sequence of spaces.’

If you’re less artistically inclined than the House for a Painter’s current owner, fear not… Plans have been drafted to add an extra 500 sq ft of living space to the studio by introducing an additional mezzanine level.

The Battersea home is on the market for £1.595m via The Modern House.

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