Via Ten Fold Engineering

The uBox prefab home is not only transportable – it builds itself in just eight minutes.

Ten Fold Engineering designed the cabin, which requires no builders, cranes or foundations to be erected, and unfolds at the touch of a button.

‘It’s a big space in a small box,’ says the UK company’s promo video.

The prefab home’s ceilings, floors and walls fold out like an accordion – and fold back up when you want to transport it. All you need is a hand-held battery-powered drill.

When fully deployed, the Ten Fold uBox bulks out to 64 sq m – bigger than the typical tiny home, with 20 sq m of storage – and internal walls can be reconfigured to divide the space. The cabin can also be upgraded via the addition of solar panels and off-grid technologies.

Ten Fold Engineering
Via Ten Fold Engineering

Ten Fold’s prices start from £100,000 for a basic uBox unit, and it can fit on the bed of a standard truck.

‘This is the solution for mobile housing, offices, shops, exhibitions, restaurants, workshops, clinics and schools and everything else that needs to get there easily,’ says the company.

[Via Curbed & Inhabit]

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