Courtesy of Villa Chameleon

Welcome to our weekend property digest, where we bring together the best houses for sale (or rent) that we’ve unearthed across the world. Among this week’s discoveries is a ‘snake house’ in Mexico and a picturesque Norwegian home immortalised by Edvard Munch.

El Nido de Quetzalcoatl in Mexico City

Quetzalcoatl's nest - holiday home for rent in Mexico via Airbnb
Via Airbnb

5 bedrooms; £170 per night via Airbnb
This surreal serpent house blurs the line between sculpture and architecture. Architect Javier Senosiain designed the reptilian bolt-hole, which takes cues from Organic architecture. Known as El Nido de Quetzalcoatl, or Quetzalcoatl’s Nest, it forms the heart of a sculpture garden just north of Mexico City. One of the apartments inside the serpent is now available to rent via Airbnb and guests can explore the exotic gardens during their stay. See inside the wacky sculpture.

Camouflaged concrete home in Bali, Indonesia

Villa Chameleon in Bali
Courtesy of Villa Chameleon

5 bedrooms; via Airbnb from $650 per night
Villa Chameleon is named for its ability to blend with its tropical setting, despite its hulking concrete mass. Designed by Word of Mouth founder Valentina Audrito, the holiday home beds into a hillside plot and comprises a series of pavilions, typical of Balinese architecture. Take a peek inside.

Clapboard home painted by Edvard Munch in Oslo, Norway

Oslo property painted by Edvard Munch
Via Eie Eiendomsmegling

4 bedrooms; 18m NOK via Knut Rickoff Christensen of Eie Eiendomsmegling
Munch was just 17 years old when he picked up his brush to immortalise the interiors of this four-bedroom clapboard house. Sitting in Oslo’s Buslett neighbourhood, the house has since been home to a series of notable women including WWII heroine Ascor Ottensen and actress Rut Tellefsen, its current custodian. The interiors have changed a bit since Munch’s day, as you can see…

Architect’s home in Paris, France

Paris property for sale
via Propriétés Parisiennes

4 bedrooms; €3.55m, via Propriétés Parisiennes
This wood-clad house in Paris’ 13th arrondissement is a thoroughly modern addition to the Butte aux Cailles neighbourhood. Belonging to an architect, the house has floor-to-ceiling glass doors, opening onto a courtyard garden, and comes with an indoor pool. <a href=” rel=”noopener”>See more of this Paris property, one of our top picks from the capital.

Treehaus in Utah, USA

Via City Home Collective

4 bedrooms; $1.1m via City Home Collective
It might not be up in the tree canopy, as its name suggests, but this blackened house in Summit Park blends with the surrounding pines and makes the most of its sloping plot. The passive house is arranged vertically, with four twisted levels. Interiors invert the building’s black cedar shell, thanks to blonde oak floors and white walls. See more.

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