Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous modern architects, is also one of the most prolific.

The Wisconsin-born architect designed more than 1,000 structures over the course of his lifetime, mostly within America. And while some of his most iconic designs have been turned into museums, such as Fallingwater in Pennsylvania and Hollyhock House in Los Angeles, many more are still private residencies. Some are even on the market – here are four you can call home.

Lykes House, Arizona

Lykes House
Courtesy of ALH

The Lykes’ residence was the last Wright home built. Started by the architect before his death in 1959, it was completed by John Rattenbury in 1967.

The three-bedroom property sits on top of Palm Canyon in Arizona, and is designed to mimic the surrounding rocky landscape in both silhouette and colour. It’s set over 2,849 sq ft, and composed as a series of concentric circles. The property was given a full refurb in 1995, and is on the market via Arizona Luxury Homes.

Oscar B Balch House, Illinois

Oscar B Balch House
Photography: VHT Studios, via @properties

Completed in 1911, The Oscar B Balch House just west of Chicago is a restored Prairie structure. Flat roofed with a trellis overhang, the property boasts a hoard of original art glass in 15 of its 50 windows, and was meticulously restored over a 10-year period from 2004.

Architect John Eifler worked from Wright’s original plans to repair and replicate the stucco, woodwork and windows as well as extend 700 sq ft into the back yard with an extension based on Wright’s Allen Friedman House. It’s now on the market via @properties.

Cooke House, Virginia

Frank Lloyd Wright Cooke House
Courtesy of

In 1951 Maude Cooke wrote to Frank Lloyd Wright, ‘Build me a house for parties’. And he duly obliged. Construction on the x-shaped beach house started in 1959 – just two weeks before Wright’s death – and was completed a year later.

The Virginia Beach property was given a comprehensive restoration in 1983, for which it won several preservation awards. As well as being on the market, you can ‘try before you buy’ the four-bedroom property via Airbnb.

Sturges House, California

Frank Lloyd Wright's Sturges House
Image via Los Angeles Modern Auctions

Built in 1939, George D. Sturges House is Wright’s only Usonian-style residence in California. A designated Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument, the property is a cantilevered redwood and brick number and a bit of a starchitectural ‘two-for-one’ – the two-bedroom property was renovated by John Lautner in the 1960s.

It went to auction last month but failed to find a qualified bidder. It is still however on the market via Sotheby’s.



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