Caesarstone's Stone Age Folk pavilion by Jaime Hayon. Photography: Tom Mannion

Designer Jaime Hayon has inserted a surreal pavilion made from metal, stained glass and 48 shades of Caesarstone quartz inside Palazzo Serbelloni for Milan Design Week.

Inspired by the Crystal Palace built in London to mark the Great Exhibition in 1851, Stone Age Folk is made up tribal motifs and Hayon’s signature clown faces, with furniture exhibited beside dazzling marble carousels.

‘I am drawn towards lost worlds – those of medieval times, circuses, magic and so on’, says Hayon. ‘I try to mix these ingredients within my work.’

Tribal faces form playful cabinets and bird silhouette tables, all in gleaming Caesarstone quartz and offset by the historic grandeur of the Palazzo Serbelloni, which hosts the brand for the second year running.

Face mask by Jaime Hayon. Photography: Tom Mannion
Face mirror by Jaime Hayon – part of Design Museum Holon’s permanent collection. Photography: Tom Mannion

The presentation expands on the designer’s offering at Toronto’s Interior Design Show in January, and is the culmination his year-long collaboration with the brand to mark its 30th anniversary.

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