Our travelogue continues, bringing you highlights from this week’s digital adventures…

Soviet Russia’s relics of a forgotten ‘future’

Danila Tkachenko Restricted Areas
Source: The Guardian

Photographer Danila Tkachenko had to wrap up warm for his latest escapade, capturing vestiges of the Soviet Union’s quest for technological advancement. Titled Restricted Areas, the series depicts abandoned research centres and remnants of failed experiments set against stark white snowscapes. Tkachenko’s photos, seen on The Guardian website, will be displayed as part of the Athens Photo Festival from 6 to 9 June.

Candy coloured sports courts

Ward Roberts - Courts
Source: Fubiz

Pastel-toned buildings frame the empty sports grounds of photographer Ward Roberts’ Courts series. The soft hues give them a surreal feel, turning the images into abstract graphic artworks. See more on Fubiz.

Google scales down its new HQ

Google on Friday filed plans at Mountain View City Hall for a translucent domed building

Google has scaled down plans for its new HQ in Mountain View, California, asking for just one glass-canopied dome instead of its original four. Designed by BIG and Heatherwick Studios, the proposed 595,000 sq ft project is a fraction of the 2.5 million sq ft it requested building rights for in May, before LinkedIn was awarded the majority of that land. Speaking of LinkedIn…

LinkedIn goes kitsch in Empire State office expansion

LinkedIn vintage phones

A 33,000 sq ft expansion of LinkedIn’s New York offices in the Empire State Building is surprisingly kitsch. The networking site called on IA Interior Architects to design a space that referenced the city without being cliche, meaning no yellow taxi cabs and subway signs. So IA Interior Architects built walls lined with vintage telephones and hidden speakeasy spaces, as you do… Head to Fast Co. Design for more.

Mine’s Better Than Yours

Wayne Barrar mines paintball
Source: Slate

Wayne Barrar’s Expanding Subterra series sees him delve below ground into mines that have been given a new guise, from a car park in Pennsylvania to a film reel storage site in Kansas. In this battle of mine one-up-manship, we’ve picked our favourite: an underground paintball field in Missouri. See more via Slate.



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