A new linear park could revitalise one of Mexico City’s oldest roads.

Fernando Romero, founder of architecture firm FR-EE, has today revealed plans for the 1.3km-long park, which will be constructed above the city’s historic Avenida Chapultepec – originally built in 1532.

‘We aim to double the number of trees – currently, there are 269,’ Romero told designboom. ‘Moreover we will enrich the landscape with a new green palette.’

Fernando Romero Mexico City Corredor Cultural Chapultepec

Mexico City authorities proposed the linear park – which will be called Corredor Cultural Chapultepec – to address the high accident rates and poor state of the road. Its current design makes it difficult for cyclists and pedestrians to travel safely through.

The proposal by Romero, designer of Mexico City’s curvaceous Museo Soumaya, provides swathes of public, green space with improved cycle and pedestrian access.

Fernando Romero Mexico City Corredor Cultural ChapultepecHis design also encompasses remnants of an aqueduct, part of the canal that flowed through Avenida Chapultepec until the mid-18th century. The park’s water features similarly reference the road’s aquatic past.

Added Romero: ‘The park should connect us with the history of the city and launch public space towards the future.’



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