Cabins are designed for those who like rural seclusion – but what if you could immerse yourself in nature without even being seen? These disappearing houses pull out all the stops to blend into their surroundings. Two are for sale, while one could be your holiday bolthole.

ÖÖD tiny home

ODD tiny home is clad in mirrored glass

This shiny, prefab tiny home is clad in mirrored glass to hide it from prying eyes. ÖÖD House is the brainchild of brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik and measures just 18 sqm. The disappearing house is made from steel, insulated glass and timber with Scandinavian style wood-panelled interiors.

ODD House is clad in mirrored-glass

It costs from $65,000 and can be used as a residential dwelling, office, yoga studio or playroom, and takes just eight hours to build on site. The downside is that it’s currently only available to order in select European countries – contact ÖÖD for more info.

The Mirrorcube treehouse

Mirrorcube 'invisible' treehouse for rent in Sweden

It’d be easy to miss this invisible hotel room, which hides among the trees in Swedish Lapland, 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle. The 16 sqm Mirrorcube treehouse was designed by practice Tham & Videgard for Treehotel founders Kent and Britta Lindvall, and it perches on an aluminium base high above the ground.

Mirrorcube 'invisible' treehouse for rent in Sweden

Its sleek mirrored facade contrasts its birch plywood interiors, while six oversized windows frame panoramic views of the forest. It sleeps two and is available to book from 4400 SEK per night.

Disappear Retreat

Disappear Retreat by Coulson Architects
Via Coulson Architects

Designed as an affordable and portable off-grid ‘green’ dwelling, Disappear Retreat by Minnesota practice Coulson Architects is a lightweight 83 sqm cabin with a zero energy, zero waste and zero water footprint. It’s clad in reflective glass and weathered wood, and its shed roof collects rainwater while photovoltaic panels generate energy.

Disappear Reat by Coulson Architects
Via Coulson Architects

Disappear Retreat is currently available for pre-order directly from the architect, with prices between $25,000 to $35,000. The Bed+Bath prefab version comes with a built-in sofa/bed with storage, toilet, sink, shower and refrigerator. Sauna and Basic models are also available – the Basic is pitched as a studio space for artists or creatives.

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