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Modernist sandcastles

Modernist sandcastle
Photography: Calvin Seibert ©

We’re used to hearing about coastal erosion of buildings but artist Calvin Seibert is taking it to a new extreme. He races against time to create ephemeral sand sculptures of Modernist buildings on Rockaway Beach in New York. Archinect showcases his designs, photographed before they were washed away by the tide.

Houses for crazy cat lovers

House in Seoul designed for a cat
Photography: Kyungsub Shin

When your universe is confined to four walls, it can get a little bit dull… Not so for these indoor kitties, whose devoted owners have turned their houses into feline wonderlands, complete with ramps, stepped shelving and hidey-holes. Dezeen has six that’ll have you purring in delight.

Stay in a plane in the Costa Rica jungle

Courtesy of Hotel Costa Verde
Courtesy of Hotel Costa Verde

Is this the ultimate example of adaptive reuse? A Boeing 727 plane has been turned into a treetop hotel suite in the Costa Rica jungle, where guests can sip cocktails from its wings and sleep in the cock-pit from $500 a night. Curbed takes a look inside.

Seoul’s Pinocchio Museum looks suitably doll-like

Pinocchio museum Seoul
Courtesy of Namgoong Sun

We love buildings that look like the product they’re peddling and this museum complex in Seoul is straight from the workshop of Geppetto… The buildings of the Pino Familia museum – designed by architects Moon Hoon to house a private collection of Pinocchio dolls – take the form of a whale, and Pinocchio’s face… Inhabit scopes them out.

Saturated streetscapes of Colombia’s Guatapé

Colombian town colourful streets
Photography: Jessica Devnani

Photographer Jessica Devnani went to Guatapé, on the outskirts of Medellín in Colombia, to capture the town’s vibrant 3D ‘zócalos’ murals. Guatapé’s colourful buildings – whose doors, walls, shutters and even steps are all painted with dizzying patterns and reliefs – are luring
tourists away from the beaten track… Designboom has more.

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