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Assemble builds a workshop inside the Tramway for the Turner Prize show

Architecture collective Assemble has created a workshop inside Glasgow’s Tramway for the 2015 Turner Prize show, which opens today.

The 18-strong group’s ‘A Showroom for Granby Workshop’ takes cues from its ongoing regeneration efforts in Liverpool’s Granby Four Streets, where it is working with the community to revive abandoned houses and shops.

This particular space by Assemble – the first architects to be shortlisted for the art award – features materials, products and samples on display that chart the project’s progress.

Assemble, 'A Showroom for Granby Workshop' (2015) Photographer: Keith Hunter
Assemble, ‘A Showroom for Granby Workshop’ (2015)
Photographer: Keith Hunter

Assemble’s installation is joined by works from fellow Turner Prize contenders Bonnie Camplin, Nicole Wermers and Janice Kerbel at the Tramway show, the first exhibition in the award’s 31-year history taking place in Scotland.

‘It’s here to explore, to challenge, to inspire and to provoke,’ said Sarah Munro, director of Tramway. ‘It is here to start conversations to be passionate about.’

Camplin is presenting ‘Patterns’ – an installation comprising videos and books in an office setting – while Kerbel’s ‘DOUG’ involves nine songs performed by six different voices. Wermers’ presentation explores ideas of class, lifestyle and consumption using modernist chairs with fur jackets draped over them.

The Turner Prize winner will be announced on 7 December at London’s Tate Modern, while the exhibition at Tramway runs until 17 January 2016.



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