The most compelling Tumblrs stem from an obsession – the nerdier the better. Whether it’s micro-homes or scaffolding that makes their curators tick, these visual archives inspire equally obsessive followings. And because sharing posts is a cinch, they quickly go viral.

Here, we reveal some of our latest Tumblr addictions.

Drawing Architecture

By Theo van Doesburg and Cornelis van Eesteren, 1924. Via Drawing Architecture

In an age when architectural renderings are so pixel perfect they are often mistaken for photographs, it’s refreshing to see a Tumblr devoted to the good old hand-drawn. Curated by an architect who goes by the name Nikita, Drawing Architecture features everything from concept sketches to imagined cityscapes, with a few digital sketches thrown in for good measure.

Cabin Porn

Cabin Porn image, 1280 x 853
Cabin near Lech, Austria. Photography: Tim Hall, via Cabin Porn

Cabin Porn began life as a digital scrapbook for a group of friends preserving 55 acres of forest in Upstate New York. The images of hand-built homes – collected as inspiration for their own projects – quickly gathered a huge following, even spawning a book. Off-grid living has never looked so appealing.


Scaffolding image, Scaffoldage tumblr
Photography: Sam Fryers, via Scaffoldage

‘Skeletal archi porn’ is the subject of this Tumblr, where some of the scenes are so beautiful, you wish the scaffolding was never torn down. It may not have been updated for long time, but you can still waste hours trawling through its archives. If only we could convince founder Shaun Usher – editor of Letters of Note – to bring it back to life…

Fuck Yeah Brutalism

fuckyeahbrutalism tumblr image
Parking Garage, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1964. Via Fuck Yeah Brutalism

One of a slew of digital platforms dedicated to the marmite of the architecture world, Fuck Yeah Brutalism is the go-to Tumblr for those who love concrete. With the term ‘Brutalism’ proving increasingly flexible, founder Michael Abrahamson – an academic and architecture critic – says ‘I like to think of the images I’ve collected on FYB as a kind of visual definition.’

Unhappy Hipsters

Tumblr image Unhappy Hipsters
‘The rumors were true – the neighbors weren’t eating organic.’ Photography: Kamil Bialous / Dwell. Via Unhappy Hipsters

‘It’s lonely in the modern world,’ reads the tagline. Unhappy Hipsters lampoons the manicured lifestyles featured in design magazines like Dwell, captioning their images with deadpan one-liners. Started by writer Molly Jane Quinn and graphic designer Jenna Talbott as a way to cheer themselves up while working for an uninspiring regional magazine in the US, the site quickly went viral. The irony of The Spaces featuring them is not lost on us…


‘Capsule Corp’ digital model by Steven Cormann, 2015. Via Polychroniadis

Architect and artist Dimitris Polychroniadis combines his two passions on this Tumblr, pulling together ‘architecture that looks like art’ and ‘art that looks like architecture’. In an age where the lines are becoming increasingly blurred – what with Assemble architects being nominated for the Turner Prize and artist Grayson Perry designing a house – this is a timely micro-blog that makes for compulsive viewing.



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