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These North Korean buildings look like Wes Anderson sets

Oliver Wainwright N Korea

With their kitsch Soviet-era interiors, these buildings look more Moonrise Kingdom than ‘hermit kingdom’, but they’re actually in Pyongyang, North Korea. Writing in The Guardian, Olly Wainwright explores how these wacky structures came into being – and why they’re now top of Kim Jong-un’s hitlist…

We’re ‘loving’ archi-sutra

Archi sutra_POSITION_565

Italian illustrator Federico Babina has drawn a cheeky take on legendary sex bible, the Kama Sutra, in his series on ‘orgy-tecture’. See modular buildings reconfigured in some of the book’s most infamous positions, from ‘missionary’ to the ‘69’ – and we don’t mean the floor. Head to DesignTAXI for more.

Underwater museum anyone?


Forget the new George Lucas museum: if you want something groundbreaking, you’ll have to head to Egypt, where plans to build an underwater museum in Alexandria are back on the table. If it goes ahead, visitors will be able to view the submerged ancient ruins of the city on the seabed via a series of fibreglass tunnels. Dive over to Weburbanist for more.

Recreating one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Not to dwell on the past or anything, but a group of architects, engineers and economists are campaigning to rebuild the statue of Colossus – one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. An earthquake in 226 BC destroyed the original structure in Rhodes, but the revivalists want a new version: 150 ft tall, and bigger, bolder and stronger than ever. The only thing standing in their way? A colossal sum of money. Join the movement to ‘REVIVE THE LEGEND’.

Illustrator Guy Billout shares his perception of the world…

Guy Billout

Prepare to chuckle at illustrator Guy Billout’s ironic work, in which his characters defy the laws of physics and even take on the characteristics of the architecture surrounding them. See more over at It’s Nice That.



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