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Celluloid architecture

Source: MGM

In a nod to this week’s birthday boy Alfred Hitchcock, AnOther Magazine selected its favourite Modernist masterpieces brought to life on the silver screen. The journey begins with North by Northwest’s Vandamm House. Join them on the tour.

Naked bodies and brutalist buildings in Kiev

Source: Dazed
Source: Sacha Kurmaz

Bare flesh is juxtaposed with crumbling concrete architecture in photographer Sacha Kurmaz’s diptychs. The complementing and clashing images are drawn from the artist’s book, bluntly named Concrete & Sex. See more via Dazed.

Castle fever

Source: Curbed NYC
Source: Curbed NYC

By the time the Dutch were settling New Amsterdam, Europeans had pretty much stopped building castles. But that didn’t put New Yorkers off trying. Curbed have mapped 19 castle(ish) structures across the city, from Staten Island Armory to a high school with grand designs. Catch up with them here.

Reverse graffiti helps the Solina Dam clean up its act

Cleaning the Dam lead_large Source: CityLab
Source: Polska Grupa Energetyczna

Bath time is meant to be fun, but they took it to a whole new level in Poland when they gave the 269 ft Solina Dam a wash down. A team of men blasted parts of the damn’s surface clean with powerhoses to reveal an eco-mural of birds, wildcats and fish designed by artist Przemek ‘Trust’ Truściński. Take a look via CityLab.

A home in a dome

Maharam filmmaker's house
Source: Google

Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni needed a secluded spot for trysts with his lover Monica Vitti in the 1960s. After finding the perfect site in Sardinia’s Costa Paradiso, he charged architect Dante Bini – known for his domed structures made from reinforced concrete – with building it. Antonioni continued holidaying there long after the relationship ended, but it now lies in a dilapidated state. Design critic Alice Rawsthorn took a look around.



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