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A Paris pool founded on Feng Shui

mikou-piscine_architecture Hélène Binet
Photography: Hélène Binet

Mikou Studio teamed up with Feng Shui guru Laurence Dujardin to apply the ancient Chinese practice in harmonious design to a Parisian swimming pool. Skylights maximise natural light entering the space while a motif of rounded edges adds a touch of fluidity. See iGNANT for more.

A doomsday vault guarding the seeds of life

Deep in the Arctic on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen is ‘the backup of the backup’ of nature. The concrete doomsday vault stores almost a million seed samples from around the world – even North Korea has made a deposit – in anticipation of catastrophe. Better to be safe than sorry…

Keith Richards will give you shelter…

Keith Richards home

… for $12.23 million. The Rolling Stones guitarist is selling his four-bedroom apartment on 5th Avenue in New York. But it’s painted in white. And we can’t guarantee satisfaction. Kudos to Zillow for the puns.

What a 21st-century treehouse should look like


Architect Aibek Almassov wants to take the treehouse to a whole new level. His concept, which could actually become a reality, entails a tubular glass house built around a full-grown fir tree. ‘Really it’s not so difficult to build it,’ he told Dezeen.

Why turning a prison yard into a sports centre makes sense

The Yard

Watch any film about being behind bars – whether it’s Shawshank Redemption or The Longest Yard – and you’ll know exercise and prison yards have always gone hand in hand. One entrepreneur has decided to make a business out of it, converting an abandoned prison in New York’s Warwick into a fully fledged sports centre, fittingly called The Yard. See CNBC for more.



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